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Traveling With The Wilburys

05 Apr 2019 - Capitol Theatre

Presented By Focal Point Australia

Five Rock Icons…….One Legendary Supergroup

The ultimate tribute Concert celebrating the hits of  Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne - ELO, Roy Orbison, George Harrison & the collaborative masterpieces of The Wilburys;  Handle with Care, Refugee, Pretty Woman, Telephone Line, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, My Sweet Lord, End of the Line and so many, many more !!!

Hits spanning 4 decades | All members of the Songwriters Hall of Fame | Arguably the greatest voice in contemporary music history | A Beatle! 
A Nobel Literary Prize winner | All members of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The formation of The Wilburys was a ‘happy accident’ free from intervention of Record Co, management or marketing concerns. Instead it developed naturally from a spirit of cooperation & mutual admiration amongst five established stars. They had fun, enjoyed each other’s company. No egos, just a large dose of affection & healthy respect.  Understandably their Vol 1 Album was lauded as a low key masterpiece – Rolling Stone Magazine


Their solo careers had interwoven, working with each other on the same stage, or in the studio, but never all together at the one time on the same project. They were both friends & ‘fans’ of each other.  George was the unofficial ‘leader’ of the group. As Dylan put it …”Well George was really smart. He was in the Beatles you know."


Traveling with the Wilburys is created & produced by Mark Shelley. He performs with the Crooked Button Band whose members' credits read like a who’s who of the Australian Music scene - the Australian Opera Co., Tommy Emmanuel, Dragon,  Jon English, Marcia Hines, Moving Pictures, Mondo Rock, John Farnham.


On sale Thursday 11 October at 9am




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